About Kings Score

We know from the old days: playing a pool at the football club or in a group of friends. Great fun guaranteed. Except for those who had to keep track of everything... Kings Score takes care of the administration in a fully automated way and takes care of the calculation and publication of rankings. Create a pool focused on your favourite sport, combine sports or choose matches from your own club.


Kings Score wants to connect, unburden, interest and excite. We do this by:

  • connecting people from different social circles
  • creating involvement in, associations, company, club or group of friends
  • generate more attention and interest for a wide range of sports
  • create more involvement within regional clubs and sports events
  • automate pool management
  • Keep participation and management simple, fast and fun

The power of connecting

Organize a EURO 2021 prediction game or create your unique football, hockey, rugby, baseball or basketball pool. You have complete freedom in the sports you choose and connect your participants in a fun way with each other.